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Unlike other structural engineering firms, we develop virtually all of our own analysis and design tools. We also license our professional grade software to consulting engineers, government agencies, precast producers, and universities worldwide. Our development staff consists of both experienced design engineers and professional programmers to ensure that our products are technically superior. With deep roots in consulting engineering practice and industry committee involvement, our technical support is second to none. PSBeam Client Login
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Precast or Cast-In-Place Concrete Culvert Design and Analysis

Now Handles:
  - Precast or CIP
  - 1 to 4 Cells
  - WWF (mesh)

ETCulvert is a high-performance Windows-based program that seamlessly combines the functionality of a state-of-the-art structural analysis engine with both fully-automatic design and analysis capabilities. Integration of the critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity, flexibility and improved quality control. It makes full use of current Windows technology.

Four-sided, three-sided, and V-bottom precast and cast-in-place culverts can be handled. In automatic design mode, ETCulvert quickly analyzes and designs wall thicknesses and reinforcement sizes and spacing. A comprehensive reinforcement schedule is produced, complete with all rebar and wire dimensions and bends. By switching to analysis mode, you get complete control over the design. Both AASHTO Standard and LRFD Specifications are supported.

The highly-graphical user interface provides multiple views to render the design and present the results. Complete details of the design are provided, along with detailed calculations. Powerful graphics show all rebar rendered in true 3D. Sophisticated live load capabilities include a user-customizable truck library.

·   4-sided or 3-sided culverts

·   Single to four cell culverts

·   Precast and cast-in-place

·   AASHTO LRFD or Standard Specifications

·   Automatic fully parametric design

·   Full user control

·   Rebar and mesh reinforcement

·   Complete bar/wire table generation

·   Shear steel

·   User-definable truck library

·   Auto variable fill depths

·   Detailed calculations

·   Includes load ratings!

Tabbed, multiple viewports provide seamless access to your data and design.
Parametric 2D drawings show your design in standard format.

Detailed calculations help you gain a thorough understanding of the design.

3D modeling allows you to visualize and rapidly check your design.

Download ETCulvert Brochure (PDF format; requires Acrobat Reader).

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Next Generation Prestressed Girder Design

PSBeam is a high-performance, Windows-based system for prestressed concrete bridge girder design. Its computational engine processes design changes at blazing speeds, giving you more time to check alternative options and refine your designs. With PSBeam, you can explore more possibilities and offer your clients the highest level of service.


·   Design simple-span or multi-span, continuous structures.

·   Get dual code support. Switch instantly between Standard Specs and LRFD at anytime during design. See exactly where the differences really are.  There's no better way to learn LRFD.

·   Switch between U.S. and metric units.

·   Have high performance. PSBeam sets a new standard for design efficiency. And since it's a full Windows implementation, you can be up to speed in no time.

·   Explore multiple design options quickly. Powerful auto design features and support for all popular girder and superstructure framing types let you do more, faster.

·   Enjoy no copy protection. PSBeam is a licensed product, but does not require a hardware key or a special installation code to operate, so you can operate at maximum flexibility.

·   Choose from several reasonably priced licensing options. You can purchase or lease PSBeam, whichever better suits your needs. Site and enterprise license options are also available.

Major New features Added to V4:

·   Load Rating – Produce both operating and inventory load ratings for your designs. PSBeam's flexible and powerful vehicle modeling capabilities allow you to load rate for any type of vehicle.

·   Post-Tensioning – PT is finally now in the realm of the typical design office. By segmenting your girders into multiple pieces and incorporating post-tensioning tendons, you extend your spans to beyond 200 feet.

·   Flexural Strength - The option to compute the flexural strength using a sophisticated strain compatibility has been implemented. Now, CIP concrete and beam concrete are dealt with separately, each with separate properties. Complex girder geometry, such as multiple fillets, is also factored into the analysis. Every bar and strand is also dealt with precisely. The result; the most accurate results possible for heavily reinforced members.

·   3D Visualization - OpenGL Graphics provides stunning 3D graphics to give physical meaning to your designs.

·   Section Property Generation – Rapid section generation and parametric capabilities have been added, as well as new library management features. Sections with radius transitions can be handled quickly and parametrically.

·   Load Tables – Great for preliminary design, this feature quickly generates graphs of span vs. number of strands for specified beam spacings.

·   Data Grids – Now edit and navigate through large amounts of data quickly and easily.

·   Library Features – Now access section libraries from any location. Import, view, and delete features facilitate smooth maintenance.

Download PSBeam Brochure (PDF format; requires Acrobat Reader).

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Bridge Pier, Bent, and Abutment Design in Accordance with AASHTO LRFD or Standard

Introducing ET Pier Designer, a high-performance Windows-based program for the design and analysis of highway bridge piers, bents, and abutments. ET Pier seamlessly combines the functionality of a state-of-the-art structural analysis engine and concrete column, beam, and footing design programs. Integration of the critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity and flexibility and improved quality control.

ET Pier is specifically designed for bridge substructures. Powerful parametric modeling wizards are included to facilitate rapid structure layout and generation. Specify which load combinations to investigate and ET Pier will automatically process them and quickly identify the governing case for each component of the structure.

And as with PSBeam, ET Pier includes hot code switching, allowing you to switch between the AASHTO LRFD and Standard Specifications at any time during design. Instantly, you can switch specifications to see just where the differences between them really are. There's no better way to learn LRFD!

Key Features:

·   Piers, bents, and abutments

·   AASHTO LRFD or STD Specs

·   Dual units: US & metric

·   Hammerhead or multi-column

·   Spread or pile footings

·   AASHTO load types & groups

·   Automatic analysis

·   True 3D Modeling

·   Auto beam and column design

Download ET Pier Brochure (PDF format; requires Acrobat Reader)

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Pricing Schedule

Eriksson Technologies offers two basic licensing options. Software can either be purchased (prepaid license) or it can be leased on an annual basis. Long-term users tend to favor the purchase option while firms have an occasional need or are reimbursed for direct expenses from their clients tend to favor the lease option. Detailed explanations of each option are given below.

Basic License Options

Option 1: Purchase (Prepaid License): The purchase option includes ninety (90) days of technical support via telephone, fax, and/or e-mail. Optionally, yearly maintenance can be purchased (call for pricing). Maintenance includes unlimited technical support and new versions of the software that are released during the maintenance period.

Option 2: Yearly Lease: The lease option is renewable annually and may be cancelled with thirty (30) days written notice prior to the anniversary date of the lease. Leased software includes full support and all updates to the software during the period of the lease.

                                                                                                        Single-user License Fee Schedule
Program Description Purchase Lease
ETCulverttm Precast or CIP concrete culvert design in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and Standard Specs. Fully parametric design of 4-sided and 3-sided boxes. Sizes wall thicknesses, develops complete rebar table, and provides detailed calculations, including load rating. $1,495 $795
PSBeamtm Precast/pretensioned concrete bridge girder design in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and Standard Specs. Simple-span or continuous structures. Supports virtually all girder and framing types. $2,995 $1,295
PSBeam SS Same as PSBeam, but limited to simple-span bridges only $1,695 $995
ETPiertm Reinforced concrete bridge pier and abutment design in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and Standard Specs. Hammerhead or multi-column piers. Spread, pile, or drilled shaft foundations. $3,495 $1,395
PSBeam & ETPier PSBeam and ETPier purchased together as a package. $4,995 $1,995

Download PDF version of Price List.

License Enhancements

Site License: A site license extension is available for either the purchase or lease options. This option permits the licensee to simultaneously use multiple copies of any program. The software can be installed on a local area network or separately on more than one PC, including stand-alone laptop PCs. Generally, a single-user license can be upgraded to a site license for 25% more than the cost of a single-user license.

Multi-Office Discounts: All prices quoted above are for the first office or site of an organization to license the software. Additional offices or sites may be licensed in accordance with the following discount schedule:

Copy of software Discount
1st 0%
2nd 25%
3rd 35%
4th 50%

For organizations that wish to use the software at more than four separate locations (sites), an enterprise license is available. This permits the software to be used freely by all employees at all offices within the organization without regard to the number of simultaneous users. Please call for pricing.

Educational Licenses

Accredited universities and colleges are eligible for special restricted use educational and research licenses. Please contact our office for further details.

For questions and additional information, please call 813-989-3317.

Product Demonstrations

*Qualified organizations may try our software products free. Use this as an opportunity to run the sample problems that will be included with it, check your old designs, or benchmark it against industry standard problems. Use the fully-functional program to perform whatever level of testing you feel is necessary. We're confident that you will be satisfied with our products, and our no- nonsense demonstration policy lets you try it risk free.

*Qualified organizations are generally government agencies or engineering firms actively engaged in bridge design who are located within the United States who have a bona fide need for such a product.

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