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ETCulvert V3: New Features & Functions

Date: Wednesday
, June 3rd 2015
Time: 11:15 AM Eastern Time
Duration: 30 minutes


The Eriksson staff will be holding another live webinar on ETCulvert V3 for anyone who could not attend the first one. The content of this webinar will be the same as the webinar held on May 7, 2015.

ETCulvert V3 has been released and with it comes many new features and enhanced functionality.  Whether you’re a new user or consider yourself a power user, there is much to be gained from this webinar.  Many of our new features will help engineers reduce time and work, making your work more effective and efficient.  Mesh is becoming more and more common in culverts and precast in general; we got together with mesh fabricators and revamped the way we handle mesh, making your design closer to the final design than ever before.  We’ve also added support for new specifications that cover railways and bridges located within Canada.


Features and functionality discussed include:

·         Enhanced mesh support

·         Multiple trucks in a single file

·         New specifications, including AREMA and CHBDC

·         Non-45 degree haunches

·         Enhanced rating support

·         Retaining wall design

·         Hyperlinked report outline

·         Design deficiencies HUD

·         Enhanced 3D rendering


The webinar will be presented by Brian Barngrover, P.E. and his development staff.  Brian is Vice-President of Eriksson Technologies, Inc. and Eriksson Software, Inc., where he is in charge of software development.  He has over 30 years of experience in software development for the engineering community, along with experience in engineering design for the precast/prestressed concrete market.  Brian was the principal architect and project manager for the development of ETCulvert.

During the presentation, viewers will be able to submit their questions live to our technical support staff.  All questions and answers will be viewable by all attendees.

Who Should Attend:  All ETCulvert users, regardless of level of experience.  The topics covered in this webinar are intended to make all users faster, more knowledgeable designers.

Registrants Will Receive:  Full set of presentation slides (PDF) prior to webinar and detailed instructions on how to login and view the webinar.

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