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Engineering Services

In addition to creating state-of-the-art productivity tools for engineers, we use those very tools ourselves to render expert-level engineering services. The Engineering Services Division of Eriksson Technologies is staffed with specialists in concrete bridge design, particularly in the design of plant-cast precast, prestressed concrete components used in transportation.

Our staff has extensive experience in the design, redesign, and preparation of shop drawings for precast systems and components. Collectively, we have many years of experience working as employees for consulting engineers and precast concrete manufacturers. As a result, we can bring to bear on technical problems an unequalled depth of specialized expertise.

Specific areas we can provide assistance to precast fabricators include:

·   Shop drawing preparation (girders, deck panels, pile caps, and piling)

·   Preliminary design and sales support

·   CADD services (production drawings, technical figures)

·   Estimating and take-offs

·   New product shape design and form design

·   Product redesign (reconfigure strand patterns, shear steel)

·   In-plant engineering support (product handling, shipping, stability)

·   Plant engineering (bed design, stressing equipment, form design, handling equipment)

·   Construction support (erection schemes, hardware design, construction loads)

Eriksson Technologies is also a major supporter of PCI. Our staff has had many years of involvement in the technical committees that are the bedrock for technical support for the industry. We actively participate in the PCI Bridge Committee, Bridge Producers Committee, and Transportation Activities Committee. By maintaining close ties to the technical activities in the industry we are able to stay abreast of new developments and code changes, and it gives us access to the experience of an extensive network of professionals.

From small, simple tasks to larger, complex projects, we stand ready to assist you. We look forward to the opportunity to develop another successful long-term partnership

Software Services

Extensive library of source code tailored to creating powerful computer aided engineering programs.

Technical Training

Our personnel have extensive experience in developing and presenting LRFD-based training seminars. Our involvement has ranged from participation in seminars sponsored by others, to the complete planning, preparation, and execution of entire seminars. These services have been provided to industry groups (e.g., prestressed concrete producer associations), to DOTs, and at conferences (e.g., International Bridge Conference). Some of the areas we can assist you with include:

·   Planning

·   Presentation

·   Seminar material development

·   Promotion

If you are planning an LRFD-based seminar for your state, please contact us.

Our most popular course is A Training Course for Bridge Engineers.

Seminar Abstract
LRFD Principles & Practice is an intensive, one-day technical seminar on concrete highway bridge design in accordance with AASHTO LRFD Specifications. It is suitable for all levels of practicing bridge engineers. Consulting engineers, DOT and other government oversight engineers, plant engineers, and professors who teach structural engineering design will all benefit from this course. All aspects of concrete bridge design are covered, including superstructure, substructure, and foundation. In addition to a discussion of in-depth technical theory, several complete, current design examples will be presented.

Course Benefits

·   Learn core concepts of Load and Resistance Factor Design

·   Understand differences between LRFD and Standard Specs

·   Learn complete step-by-step LRFD bridge design

·   Receive current, complete design examples

·   Briefing on changes in 4th ed. through the 2008 Interims

·   PDH certificates will be provided

·   Get training materials to brief your in-house staff

A minimum of three nationally recognized speakers participate in each seminar. Speaker assignments vary by location.

Technical Services

LRFD review services are available. If your firm is interested in an independent review of any LRFD-based designs, please contact us

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